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29 April 2009

Blog Party!!! BLOG PARTY!!! Blog Party!!!

I'm getting an early start on Joy's blog party on May 1. She is featured in the soon-to-be-released issue of Artful Blogging special is that?
Her blog party is about 'Why I Love Blogging" so make sure to visit her site and check out all the participants and see why each loves blogging.

Now to answer that question myself......I LOVE Blogging because I get to share my passions with others that are passionate about the same things.
I live in such a tiny mid-western town and don't get much exposure to others that love sparkly, vintage, rusty, chippy, flea-market finds. All I have to do is click on the many blogs I have found and feel I am surrounded by friends who love those things too.
I just checked the number of blogs I subscribe to on Google Reader and found out that 143 blogs friends are just a click away......and I know there are many more to yet be discovered!
I must admit I am so envious of my blog friends that have lots of time to craft and shop for vintage treasures. What fun to shop and make things and then resale like several do!
I also love seeing pics of bloggers homes. I get all kinds of decorating ideas.
Such beauteous and creative people these bloggers!!!!!

22 April 2009

Any Paris info? Please do share

All I can think about it seems is my trip to Paris this July. Have I mentioned it is a dream come true for me? Oui.....I know...a thousand times already!
Here are a couple books I've been using to get info.
If you have ever been there and have any ideas or info please do share them with me!

I've received a few gifts from coworkers recently and I'm sure they are thinking if they just give me a little something for my trip I will shut up already!
First sweet Megan thought of me when she spotted these Fleur-de-lis so she picked them up for me. I hung them on the bedroom armoire and now the gold knobs I wanted to replace don't look so bad.

Then Rita found this luggage tag that says Paris, France, and New York so I found it on my desk one morning.

She knows that I also love New York City and the times I've traveled there that is all I could talk about then!

Please let me know if there is some place in Paris that we must see or any info I can not get from a book!

12 April 2009

I had a lot of dried herb and flower bundles that I hadn't done anything with so I decided to frou-frou up this left-over Christmas wreath. The wreath was made with pine and boxwood and had been hanging in the 'manwood' room since the holidays.I used lavender, marjoram, and a few hydrangea blooms...all dried from last years garden. I didn't realize the wreath was actually a teardrop shape until I hung it in the kitchen.
Oh well, it had dried into this shape and things from nature are perfect in their own way, right?

08 April 2009

Candalabra Deal

Found this goldplated candelabra at Goodwill the other day. Isn't it pretty? It was only $4.99 and is really heavy and of good quality. I stuck it in my craft room, the 'B'Hive,' until I find a spot for it....probably in the master bedroom. I may use it to hold some jewelry or I may just put some candles in it...not sure yet. I'm thinking it would look really cute with necklaces and bracelets hanging from the arms.

The straw hat with the pink roses was purchased at Sal Gilbertie's Herbs in Connecticut several years ago. Sal's is where Martha Stewart shops for herbs and has often featured him on her TV show.
I'm over the hearts on the hanging rack and am sure I will be replacing it after returning from France and being inspired by all the beauteous decor there.