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26 May 2009

I can't wait for this! What fun in blogland!
Click on the pic to join in!

25 May 2009

My Front Door

When you come to visit you will be greeted by this beautiful front door.
I believe it to be the original door from this house built in 1900.
I love the window panes with the wood trim.

When I yell, "Come on in...the door is open" you'll reach for this lovely ornate door knob surrounded by the prettiest metal backplate.I'm glad the wood door has never been painted. I'm not sure what type of metal the knob and backplate are and can't even tell if it was ever painted or has just aged to this beauteous patina.
How perfect it is that there is even a flower on this backplate.

Does anyone still use a skeleton key?

We do!

I'm feeling some Front Door Love!

20 May 2009

The Color Purple

Purple flowers are what's blooming here at Calendula Court so I wanted to share them with you.
Iris and chives which look like blue and pink in the pic but they are really purple.

The False Blue Indigo is ready to burst with color and more irises.

I'm thinking of making some chive blossom vinegar. It always turns out to be the loveliest shade of pink and looks so pretty in the bottles.

More iris and allium.

I go for the romantic color scheme in the garden and use mostly purple and pinks with splashes of white and a little yellow. Those orange poppies in the background were a gift and they are the only bloomin orange in the garden! I've planted pink poppy seeds several years in a row now but they always come up orange!

I so love this time of year!

18 May 2009

The Vintage Key

Another girls day out this past Saturday to Zionsville, Indiana, to the Country Market Festival.
I left my camera at home as rain was the forecast and rain it did so I didn't get any pics of this charming little town.
Here is a link to the pics I took there last year. Anyway, my favorite purchase of the day is this so adorable vintage key necklace. I got to chatting with Kama,the designer/jewelry artist and discovered she has a blog too!
Please stop by and see her and the awesome jewelry she creates.

I just love my new 'B'!

16 May 2009

Trying on...........

I've slowly been trying to frou-frou my blog and have been trying different backgrounds from The Background Fairy. I've tried on almost all of them and have decided to stick with this one for awhile. There are so many pretty ones to pick from!
Don't be surprised if there is a different look when you come to visit.
I may just change my mind again.
As I woman, I can do that, Right?!?!

11 May 2009

Goodwill...Good News...Great Score

Can you believe that I saw this creamy white soup tureen, picked it up, put it down, and walked on!?!? I came to my senses an isle over and back-tracked to grap it up!
Yes, the price sticker says $3.99.I love the way it looks against the red toile in the kitchen.Also found out the local Goodwill is expanding........
......Good News about Goodwill

06 May 2009

Another Auction Score

Hubby and I had not been to the Sunday auction for a while and decided to check it out this weekend. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I really wanted to work in the gardens, however, I know he is about to die of boredom as he is layed off from his job so I caved and went with him.
I'm sooooooooooo glad I did. I saw this box and spotted something pink under the carhart hat and the childrens wall hanger. SO I dug deeper in the box and look what was there..................Large vintage prints of art
A very old book.....Stories of the Bible.
The first few pages are missing so I am unable to find a print date.
Another very vintage print
A pristine poster advertisement for the City Market in Indianapolis
More vintage prints and postcards.
The postcards actually match the larger art prints in the picture above.
Oh yeah, and guess what was hidden underneath that hat and hanger?

Can you believe your eyes? Look at these vintage linens!!!!

Two pink tablecloths, an unopened box of 4 pink and white hand towels, a white embroidered linen tablecloth, 3 smaller lace and linen doilies and 'His' & 'Hers' hand towels.

What a score!!!!!

Would you believe all this for $5?!?!?!

Thanks hubby for making me go

03 May 2009


Yesterday it was girls day out as three of my good friends and I went to Indianapolis to
The Orchard and Bloom Garden Show. This year for the first time they featured Parties In Bloom that showcased four themed party vignettes designed with a table, seating, linens and tabletop features.
After checking them all out you voted for your favorite.
This had a too much black for my tastes......just love the hot pink roses though. Love the color scheme here...white, black and yellow........kinda retro modern
LOVE this one..................very chic elegant
LOVE the pearls on the chairs, and the square plates, and the dreamy layers of fabric

This is the one I voted for.

Wouldn't it be awesome to go out your back door and find this beauteous table waiting for you!