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16 September 2008


Been to the relaxing!
The weather was gorgeous thru Wednesday even though that's the day the waves started kickin it up from hurricane Ike.
Friday the beach was closed! The wind was strong and the water surge came all the way up to the fence at the condo.
I pray for all the hurricane victims. Mother Nature is amazing.


  1. Lovely photos. We had damage from the hurricanes way up here in Pa.

  2. Lovely photos . . . even with the wild winds. Mother nature is certainly amazing. Karen.

  3. What a pleasure to have found your lovely blog! The beach shots are fantastic~ My family and I try to go to the beach at least once a year... of course we are but a few hours drive away so it makes it a nice getaway :) I look forward to reading more on your herbs... for I too love growing them. Many Thanks for sharing.
    Many Blessings~


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