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30 March 2008

1/2 Hive

I'm at 1/2 'B'Hive status as I got a lot done yesterday in my craft room-in-the-making. It is 1/2 done. There is so much to do that it may not even get all done this weekend. It will be done by next weekend though as that is when the master bedroom gets it's makeover. SO many projects I've got myself in this Spring.................................................
Check out this bi-fold is one of the best deals as I snagged it for only $5 bucks at the Habitat for Humanity home store. Here it is folded and leaning against the wall..........

Here it is in place on top of some storage cabinets and covered with craft supplies moving into their new room. Thank goodness the wallpaper is newer in this room and the wood floors were redone several years ago. It was quite the task let me tell ya and I haven't attempted any more floors since. Here is the empty space in the corner where the bed once was. The bed that was here was moved into the next room and the bed that was there was given away recently.I couldn't remember if I had anything stored in this old suitcase or not so I opened it to check it out and Grayson jumped in. The good news is it was empty so it can be put to good use storing something..............sorry catnip toys............................

Old suitcases make the best stash place. The other one here is full of scrapbooking supplies.

26 March 2008

Busy Relaxing

I've been busy relaxing! The kind of relaxing that happens when you get things done......things you've had on your mind for quite a awhile and finally happens....................I finally found someone to take an extra bed I've had upstairs! The bed had not been used for many years and I really really need some space to make a mess when I make things and am anxious to make the space mine all mine.

Anyway, I've been moving furniture around and it looked like this for awhile

I've acquired a lot of mirrors. Auctions are the best for finding great mirrors. I am using them when I redo the bedroom and the 'B' Hive (craft room).................then I can sell the ones I don't end up using.This room was the guest room and in the almost 15 years we have lived here, there has only been about 2 weeks worth of guests so I am taking over this under-used space and making it the 'B' Hive...........................a craft room............and it started today as I finally decided to get rid of that old guest bed.

Here are some pics of what used to be the guest room..............

Hubby has had this old black and glass case for Beeman's gum. I sat it on that Martha Washington cabinet I got at auction and viola...............................

I took this pic of the front of the case. I wish my close-up pics were always this clear.

20 March 2008

A Blogger Give-Away

Jen over at Sanctuary Arts at Home is having a Spring give-away. Go over there for a visit, leave a comment and your in for the drawing. Jen is a wonderful painter. She paints awesome furniture and murals. This is one talent I wish I had................I have taken a class or two and have several books on the one brush-stroke technique..............still no talent at all. Oh well, that would be something else I would do instead of cleaning and all the other household duties I try to ignore when a creative mood strikes.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all you BLOGGERS!!!!!

Here is a vintage postcard collection for your Easter Basket

Happy Easter and Herbal Hugs to all of you!!!!!!!!!

19 March 2008

Pink Roses, Crowns, and Crystal

Got some more pretties lately. Last week after having lunch with my mom and aunt we stopped at a shop here in town called Reflections of Home. It is mostly primitives but sometimes I will find something else as primitives are not really my thing. This time I got this pretty wreath made with rose buds dipped in wax. It is headed to the front door for SPRING. Today is the perfect day to hang it as it is SPRING EVE!!!!!Also look at what the mailman delivered today. I found this crown necklace on Etsy and just had to have it. It is one of those things that 'spoke' to me. I love it and can't wait to wear it. The packaging was also so pretty and a cute little flower on a bobby pin was included. I also love the crystal on it.

I don't think I will ever get tired of pink roses, crowns, and crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 March 2008

Beauteous Blogs

I have found so many beauteous blogs in blogland and want to share some of them. I find myself visiting blog friends then clicking on the list of blogs on their blog then finding all these new blogs...............................I am addicted to blogs!!!!! I love to look at the pictures of their homes and crafts and projects and gardens and vintage treasures found.

ButtonWillow Chronicles is like visiting a wonderland. It is a new blog.....not quite a must check it out. I could not find where to leave a comment though and tell her how beautiful her blog is.
Villa Anna is over in Australia. Such pretty pics and finds at the flea markets there.
I had read about The Four Shabby Chics on other blogs but just yesterday found their blog. I really like their style and would love to be able to go to one of their sales.


I know a lot of us sell some of our vintage treasures we find and here is a place to learn about having your own business. Mind Your Own Business is from the creator of the Make Mine Pink site. She is a recent blog find of mine too so I need to take some time and read and learn from her.

Ready....Set......GO BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 March 2008

Six word Memoir

I have been tagged again. (Fun, I think!) This time Mary is the tagger and what I have to do is write a six word memoir. I am supposed to tag 5 blog friends. The rules are:
1. Write your own six (6) word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration, if you like.
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels through the blogosphere.
4. Tag five more blogs with links.
5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

I have given this some thought and even then this is all I can come up with.......

Live. Love. Laugh. Liberty. Lead. Lucky.

I really think it is important to live your life to the fullest potential you can. Every day is a blessing to me and I don't want to waste any of it.
Love what you do and only spend time with those that you love. Why waste any of our precious time by doing things we don't love and being around people that drive you crazy is not love at all.

Laugh until you cry. I really love to make people laugh and love it when I am around others that make me laugh too.
My great cousin Vickie kissing the bull near Wallstreet in NYC

Liberty.........I feel so free in my old age (45). I no longer care about things I used to and that is so liberating.

I have always been a leader type personality and not a follower. This is even so much truer now I am of a liberating age.

I am so lucky to have been born to my loving parents, have a super great family, lucky to live in my grandparents beautiful old home, lucky to be healthy, and lucky to have found my passions in life. Also lucky to be able to travel, lucky to have a great employer....................................VERY LUCKY!!!!!'re it...........Bebe, Lisa, Beachys Cape Cod Cupboard, the other Vintage Sue, and Plum Water Cottage

09 March 2008

My Weekly Finds

This week I had time to stop by a couple of junk shops and here is what I found. A bag of galvanized jar lids, a couple pins, and an awesome bracelet that was bought for the Fleur-De-Lis on it. Those will get taken off and used in another project...maybe lavender sachets.Also picked up this sweet little bench that will go in the garden somewhere. Maybe by a lavender bush or by the pink roses. Won't it look adorable with a watering can sitting on it?Then I found a big bag of old lacy collars and crochet trims. I will use them on new curtains for the bedroom redo I am planning in a few weeks. Hubby is going fishing for a week so that leaves me free reign to paint away in the master bedroom. I am in the process of getting some chocolate brown houndstooth fabric for curtains and think I will sew some of the lace and crochet trim to them. I also got this old dress for the bottom trim to attach to the curtains.See the pretty trim?

08 March 2008

A Pretty Mess

I have been doing pretty well selling BLOOM~N~Bottles so I have been in the process of making more. When I pull out the supplies it makes such a pretty mess. Being surrounded by all that vintage lace and sparkly vintage rhinestones puts me in a really good mood......or it could be all the creativity happening that is a stress release for me. Since I don't really have a craft room yet I make this pretty mess on the living room coffee table. I don't really care that it has been there all week as my eyes are the only ones that see it (hubby has his den) and is such a pretty mess.
And don't you just love the finished product?