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05 March 2008

This & That

This & That is the theme of the day since I have a little of This & That to share. First, isn't this such a cute little tee? Check out Sherry over at Prairie Home. She has an awesome blog and also sales items at her barn. I've got my tee ordered and can't wait to get it.


Can anyone identify what is in the next pic?

What did you guess? Eggs? Potatoes? Rocks?

No, No, & No!

Did you guess gourds? You got it!..........they are egg gourds all dried and look like Easter eggs.

You can paint them, decorate them, or leave them natural for Easter decorations. Since I really can't stand the plastic, bright eggs used as decorations I thought these gourd eggs are really neat. I'm not sure what I will do with these yet.

Found them at the flea market last Saturday for 25 cents each. I had a booth again and did much better than the first time I participated. I also picked up a vintage luggage rack and an urn.


I've also been spending a little time with my new friend Mod. You may know her, you know, Mod Podge? I have been thinking of decoupaging eveything since I did the plate stand. I had not decoupaged since girl scouts I think when I put magazine cut-outs all over a trash can. I had totally forgotten how fun it can be. Here is what I did the other day..................a toile clipboard. I have a lot of wallpaper scraps left from the toile kitchen redo so wanted to use some for the clipboard.

Herbal Blessings, Mandy


  1. I do love the tee shirt!! I'm going to go check those out. Love the gourds too. I've never seen any like them before. Great flea market finds too. I'm glad to hear you did better at your flea market. I'll be glad when the economy turns around and everyone is doing better. I bought some mod podge to try too. So far it's just sitting in my craft room.
    I've started a blog now too Mandy, I hope you'll come check it out.
    I'm off to Prairie Home.

  2. Prairie Home-Sherry05 March, 2008 23:32

    Hi!!! You should get your Tee any day sent it a couple days ago....Thanks for the Plug girl!
    Love, Love the bottles I will order some soon!!!!!

  3. Very cool T! I ordered one too! I love those gourds. How cool for projects and Easter!

  4. Hi Mandy,

    Wow ~ I just saw your new header and it is gorgeous! Love all your pretties, especially the vintage jewelry.

    You found some great goodies at the flea market! That hotel luggage rack looks like it would be handy to have around the house!

    I'm so tired this afternoon ~ I had a flare-up of Spring fever and have been out in the yard all day. There is so much to do ~ scrub birdbaths, cut back bushes, weeding, name it, I think I've done it today! :)

    Your clipboard is so pretty! I love that pink toile!

    Hugs, Bebe :)

    Great find on the t-shirt! I want one so I am going to head on over to Sherry's to have a look-see. :)


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