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08 March 2008

A Pretty Mess

I have been doing pretty well selling BLOOM~N~Bottles so I have been in the process of making more. When I pull out the supplies it makes such a pretty mess. Being surrounded by all that vintage lace and sparkly vintage rhinestones puts me in a really good mood......or it could be all the creativity happening that is a stress release for me. Since I don't really have a craft room yet I make this pretty mess on the living room coffee table. I don't really care that it has been there all week as my eyes are the only ones that see it (hubby has his den) and is such a pretty mess.
And don't you just love the finished product?


  1. It looks like a really cute batch of bottles!! I'm interested to see what kind of seeds you put in them.....
    Lisa B.

  2. thanks for the sweet message. wow, those bottles are really cool!

  3. Hi Mandy! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me! I just love your bottles - they are beautiful! I've been "hunting" for some to do for myself. I saw on a post further down that you joined a book club...I was contemplating joining the one in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion just yesterday! All the books you chose would be the ones for me too!

  4. That's the prettiest, sparkly mess I've ever seen Mandy. The bottles are lovely.

    Your newly found treasures are great - love houndstooth with lace, should be really eyecatching.

    I've tagged you for the 'six word memoir' and hope you'll join in. You can see how I looked in Paris in the '60's - really funny, dh and I had a good laugh over this!!

    Keep creating - hugs, Mary.


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