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24 June 2009

A Bear of a Wedding Weekend

This past weekend hubby and I went to Gatlinburg TN for his nephews wedding. We stayed in a really nice Chalet up in the mountains. There were three chalets all together as the wedding party stayed in one, the bride's family in one, and the groom's family (us) in another. We had a super fun time. Here is one of the living rooms in the chalet

It was way too hot for a fire in the fireplace as it got up to 97 degrees!

Something always goes wrong when there is a wedding...right? The groom is in this vehicle that ended up with a tire off the roadside. There's hubby and some other guys trying to get the tires back on the road. They finally managed and the other front tire was smoking as the driver put the pedal to the metal!

The groom made it in time and the wedding was super pretty in a mountainside chapel.

The excitement of the weekend was when this black bear came right up in the yard of our chalet..........

We could not believe how close it came.

Lucky for us, we were on the second level deck instead of the first level one or we could have been eaten alive!

It was a bear of a wedding weekend!

17 June 2009

Pink FireWorks

I've been watching the tiny buds as they develop on my climbing rose growing along the fence. All the recent rains kept me from photographing the buds and that's OK as they were nothing compared to this.............


I have no idea what variety of climbing rose this is as I bought a tiny start at a yard sale a few years ago.

Last year I whacked the rose canes way back and cleaned out all the dead ones and this year it is thanking me with this beauteous show.

I must admit though that every year I get really upset with this climbing rose...............upset that the blooms don't last nearly long enough!!!!

07 June 2009


I've so enjoyed the fresh asparagus this year and never tire of those delicious green stalks. I don't have a favorite asparagus cooking method...........................any way is OK with me.


02 June 2009

Creative Garden Ideas PARTY!!!!

I'm really excited to see all the creative gardening ideas. Mine involves decorating with plates and shells. Both are super cheap to find at yard sales, flea markets, and of course, Goodwill.
I go straight to the 'dishes' isle when I 'm at Goodwill as I have found all sorts of cute plates. The plates have to have a floral design to go in the garden. I've also decorated potted plants with broken plate pieces. As for seashells, they are a super way to fill space in a garden. This year I filled my birdbath with shells as I never seem to be able to keep the water clean for the birds.

Now I'm outta here to check everyone else's party post.