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28 April 2010

GiveAway Stuff

Here it is..................
I finally gathered all the items for a picture
 AND added another package of vintage lace and a shell. 
 All together now..........aaaawwwww!
The winner will receive a vintage glass flower frog,
 3 packages of vintage lace, 2 packets of dill seed from my garden,
 a sea shell, and a bookmark I made with pages from an
Indiana English text book from the 1800's.
Just become a FOLLOWER of my blog and leave me a comment so I know you are interested in the giveaway.  I will draw the winner out of my garden hat on
 Saturday, May 1 as that is National Herb Day. 
Also this Saturday I'm headed to the Orchard in Bloom
This is one of my favorite garden festivals so I am so excited. 
Today was such a beautiful day here in east central Indiana.  I got to do my favorite garden task....weeding.  Also took some new vintage finds out in the sun to take pics for my Etsy shop.  Here are some items I will be adding soon.
I LOVE ETSY               
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23 April 2010

Sea Shell Mirror

Talk about doesn't get much more frugal than FREE!!!!!
I'm loving Frugal Fridays over at The Shabby Nest Blog ........and also the new
I made this sea shell mirror with shells I collected myself from our beach vacations and an old medicine cabinet door I found in our basement when we bought our beautiful old house from my grandparents estate. 

 I saved the mirrored door for a future project and had yet to be inspired until my seashell collection grew and grew. 
 SO I hot-glued some shells around the old cabinet door and
A FREE seashell mirror for my fireplace mantle.

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18 April 2010

Farm Country

It's true.  I live in the middle of corn and soybean fields, farms, and barns. 
 I live in Indiana. 
 As much as I would love to tell you I live in an awesome urban city like NYC or Paris, I don't and probably never will.  I say probably as if I ever get the chance I am outta here. My family keeps me here and family is everything to me.

  Yesterday Mom and I attended Ag Day for our county.  Ag is Agriculture and that is what Indiana is all about.  We toured a local greenhouse/nursery and also a Dairy farm. 
 The highlight of the Dairy farm was seeing a three hour old calve. The lowlight was the smell and I hope I didn't offend anyone by putting my scarf over my nose.
 These calves are 2 days old and still getting around on wobbly legs. 
 This is the udder room and a big process.  This farm has 800 cows and milk them three times a day.  The funny thing is I don't like dairy products very much and have to have a lot of chocolate in my milk to be able to drink it.  When I was a kid and 'forced' to drink my milk I would always hold my nose closed to help disguise the taste.
Kinda hard to tell what this's the back of the cow's legs while being milked by the machinery.

The greenhouse is awesome and an environment I love.....and much better smelling.
Seedlings being watered..............

Tomatoes and other veggies ready for gardens.
Mom getting a whiff of vanilla scented helitrope..............
And a new variety of petunia that I must have.....after our frost free date in May.
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 Also Frenchless is France is having a giveaway for her blogiversary of nine years!  Wow!

16 April 2010

Frugal Friday First

I LOVE to check out Frugal Friday's over at The Shabby Nest.
 One of the most frugal decorating things I've done lately is this...

I simply cut the top off this Olive Oil can and made a vase.  Of course, this can be used for so much more too. For right now though it is holding dried hydrangeas from last years garden. 
 I really like the look of this  olive oil can and hated to toss it in the recycle bin so I will use it around the house and enjoy it's beauty for awhile.
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Winner will be announced May 1st.........National Herb Day.

14 April 2010

Dill****Herb of The Year 2010

Dill has been named the Herb of The Year for 2010.

 I have a couple packs of Dill seed that I harvested from my garden and am including them in my April Giveaway. 
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The winner will be announced on May 1 which just happens to be
I will be adding items to the giveaway on several posts this month and will get a pic of them all together when I'm done adding. 
For more information on Dill check out The Herb Campanion

And with fresh asparagus season upon us this pasta with asparagus and herbs recipe sounds so delicious and is making my mouth water. 
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10 April 2010

April GiveAway Teaser

(bookmark made by moi)
I've been finding lots of pretties recently while antiquing, going to auctions, flea markets,
 and a few early Spring yard sales..............
so I've decided to have an April giveaway!
(vintage lace in original packaging)
This is a teaser post as I need to gather those pretties for a pic.

I will include any of my FOLLOWERS in the drawing for the prize and you followers must leave a comment on any post during the month of April so I know you are interested.
(vintage flower frog)
I'm thinking about enclosing what is pictured in this post.................and oh so much more.
Leave those comments and
please follow me too. 
This is going to be so much fun as I love to read your comments and want to hear from
The winner will be announced May 1.

07 April 2010

Spring Garden

I've been able to get all my Spring garden clean-up done already since we've had record breaking warm temps the past week. Oh how wonderful to get out after the long winter!

A couple weeks ago I found a 50% off sale at an antique mall and got this silverplate teapot for six bucks.  I will use it as a flower pot and think these violas perk up the garden for now.  Hyacinth's are also in bloom and smell so good.  Since it's raining out I stood on my back porch and snapped a few pics to share.
Can't wait till it's time to take off the chaise cover and sit awhile amongst the blooms!

03 April 2010

Hoppy Easter.....meow

Happy Easter to all !!!!!
 I think these pics are so cute!
P.S.  My Comments are fixed so please leave some comments.


My Comments have been invaded by the comment vandals.   A couple weeks ago I discovered comments on several posts left by 'anonymous'.  These were very rude comments and one even mentioned the chest size of Angelina Jolie?!?!?!  Has anyone else had this happen to their blog?  
Sooooo.....I removed those nasty comments and tightened my comment security by adding that irritating word copy thingy and thought all was better.  Since then I haven't had any comments at all...... only to discover that all my commenting formats are correct per Blogger, but there is no place to click for my readers to leave one.  I've edited the HTML, per Blogger help and still nothing works.  Has anyone else had this happen on your blog?  If you know of a fix, please send me an e-mail.  This is driving me crazy!!!
I want to wake up 'my comments', Baby!!!!!