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03 April 2010


My Comments have been invaded by the comment vandals.   A couple weeks ago I discovered comments on several posts left by 'anonymous'.  These were very rude comments and one even mentioned the chest size of Angelina Jolie?!?!?!  Has anyone else had this happen to their blog?  
Sooooo.....I removed those nasty comments and tightened my comment security by adding that irritating word copy thingy and thought all was better.  Since then I haven't had any comments at all...... only to discover that all my commenting formats are correct per Blogger, but there is no place to click for my readers to leave one.  I've edited the HTML, per Blogger help and still nothing works.  Has anyone else had this happen on your blog?  If you know of a fix, please send me an e-mail.  This is driving me crazy!!!
I want to wake up 'my comments', Baby!!!!!


  1. I would try a new template with the same security settings???

  2. WOW......I got it fixed apparently since the link is finally showing up on this post.
    What a relief!
    Mandy aka Herbgirl

  3. Yeh unfortunately they kept invading my comments too, how annoying, dont they have a life?Apparently not!
    Glad to see you worked it out, and can receive some real comments.

  4. I also have received some "odd" comments, but I find that putting the word security thingy on really helps to eliminate them (even though it is an extra step for those leaving comments).


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