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07 April 2010

Spring Garden

I've been able to get all my Spring garden clean-up done already since we've had record breaking warm temps the past week. Oh how wonderful to get out after the long winter!

A couple weeks ago I found a 50% off sale at an antique mall and got this silverplate teapot for six bucks.  I will use it as a flower pot and think these violas perk up the garden for now.  Hyacinth's are also in bloom and smell so good.  Since it's raining out I stood on my back porch and snapped a few pics to share.
Can't wait till it's time to take off the chaise cover and sit awhile amongst the blooms!


  1. Your garden looks beautiful, so much up so early. We have had lovely weather after major flooding last week and everything is popping up, even saw lilacs leafing out today. Back to more seasonable 50 degree days for the foreseeable future...maybe time to rake up all the millions of pinecones that dropped this winter...ugh!

  2. Isn't it nice to be able to look outside and see all the green and color spring has to offer?! You have done a lot with your garden already. I still have so much to do in the yard, and the weather likes to play games, one week super hot, the next few days cold or rain!!
    Love the silver teapot!!

  3. I have been doing some Spring cleaning myself {have an aching body to go with it}...I meant serious business! :)
    Love the silver teapot, I collect those too and love different ways to display in the yard... besides a plain 'ol pot :)
    Your yard looks beautiful!


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