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28 February 2010

Seed Beauty

My package came on Friday..........full of beautiful seeds! I'm so excited to grow some new veggies in my garden this year.
Here is what all I got..............
I know.....isn't it awesome?!?!?

I would love for my garden to be as beauteous as the one pictured here, which is at HOMETOWN SEEDS.

I'm even envious of the fence and would DIE for a garden shed!!!!

25 February 2010

Crafting Inspiration

Loving the 'couch browsing' sessions I've been able to do lately since I (FINALLY) got a laptop. I'm checking out all kinds of sites. Found this one and am being inspired by a project I saw there.
I LOVE this adorable suitcase......

Here are the instructions. You can even get some of the supplies from them. I will use this project as inspiration to decoupage some small boxes I have.

If I ever find an old, round suitcase at a yard sale/flea market/auction, this is what I would do to it. The scroll work on the edges add such charm. I'm going to my craft room, The B'Hive, right now to do some supply gathering and get started on thoses boxes. Of course, I'll share when finished.

What are you crafting today?

19 February 2010

Hometown Seeds

Don't these tomatoes look so yummy? Soon it will finally be time to plant seeds and watch them grow....seeds from HOMETOWN SEEDS, that is.
I love these lupines. Would love them growing in my yard.

And these cheery Johnny-Jump-Ups?.....Can't wait for their smiling faces to appear. I love that once you get these started from seeds, they reseed all over and make me guess where they will come up next.

I also LOOOVVVEEE beets. My mom makes the best pickled beets and I have loved them since I was a little girl.

Purple Ruffles Basil is another favorite of mine. I love to mix it in salads. It also makes the prettiest flavored herbal vinegar that is pink in color.
What do all these lovelies have in common?
All are grown from seeds at Hometown Seeds.
You have to check them out.
Oh.....and the background picture on their website is of calendula!!!!!!
Perfect for Calendula Court!!!!!