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27 July 2008

Celosia Sunday

Celosia is a flower that dries well. Where I live it is an annual so I pick a different variety to grow every year. This year is this lovely pink color. I wish I had bought more of them to grow and dry as I really like the variety I picked out this year!

I've had this little boot container since I was a little girl.

Mom probably knows where it came from.

The silver mint julep cup came from The Waldorf-Astoria, NYC, May 2007.

I'll let the celosia dry naturally in these containers

and it will be an

instant and long-lasting arrangement .

23 July 2008

Do a Topiary

I am making some topiaries out of Lemon Verbena and thought I would share. It's really easy and takes about 5 minutes. The other herbs that do well as topiaries are thyme, bay laurel, rosemary, and lavender. These particular herbs have woody stems that support the shape.

Here is a Lemon Verbena topiary that I started a few years ago. I trimmed it and am using some of the trimmings to start new plants. I left 2 'antenna' to show how much I trimmed it back. Then.........................

I took a cutting and removed most of the lower leaves. The cutting above has not had the leaves removed yet. Make sure to save the leaves and make a cup of tea!

Next, dip the root end in water and then dip it in a rooting hormone. I always use a rooting hormone to start cuttings. I have a good success rate using it. Then......................

Stick it in a pot of soil and water it. How easy is that!!!!

Now be very, very, patient and let it grow.

When the plant is as tall as you want it to be then pinch off the top.

This will then grow into two branches. Then when those two branches grow long enough, pinch back and it will grow into four and on and on with the pinching and growing. It can take up to a year or so depending on the plant size.Here is another one I just started.

I need to stake the stems and I will use wooden skewers and raffia. Just stick in the skewer close to the stem and tie around it several places with raffia. Don't tie it super tight as the stem will still be growing.

13 July 2008

The Garden Grows....................

The garden is growing like crazy due to all the rain this year. I need a rain gauge so I don't know exactly how much we've had here.
Here is my lemon verbena topiary. I love training herbs and flowers into topiaries. It's really easy to do so I will have to show you sometime. Here is some borage, hyssop, and golden oregano growing in a section of the herb garden.

The roses along the alley fence are so pretty when in bloom. Wish they only bloomed longer......................

Here is a different variety of 'Queen Anne's Lace'.

The blooms are deep burgundy in color.


01 July 2008

England's Rose

I have always been a lover of all things Princess Diana. She was so beautiful...inside and out. Today would have been her 47th birthday so I must share with you a secret. She was my sister...soul sister that is. You see I had an older sister that passed away a day after her birth. My sister was born the same day as Diana. Being the girly girl I am, and having two brothers meant I always yearned for a sister. Diana became that sister as soon as I 'met' her as she was being courted by a prince. I was never a fan of that particular prince (sorry Charles) but had always been fascinated by anyone royal. I honestly believe that if the paparazzi was not chasing her car that dreadful night, the driver would not have been speeding.

So Princess Diana has a place in my heart........................................................

I've saved magazines featuring her.............................

Both before and after the tragedy.

My bookshelves hold books about her

Here is a commemorative glass candle holder engraved in her honor. It holds some dried lavender and rose petals from my garden.

IN MY GARDEN........


Hosta “Diana Remembered”

Rose Princess of Wales

Thanks Princess Diana.