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01 July 2008

England's Rose

I have always been a lover of all things Princess Diana. She was so beautiful...inside and out. Today would have been her 47th birthday so I must share with you a secret. She was my sister...soul sister that is. You see I had an older sister that passed away a day after her birth. My sister was born the same day as Diana. Being the girly girl I am, and having two brothers meant I always yearned for a sister. Diana became that sister as soon as I 'met' her as she was being courted by a prince. I was never a fan of that particular prince (sorry Charles) but had always been fascinated by anyone royal. I honestly believe that if the paparazzi was not chasing her car that dreadful night, the driver would not have been speeding.

So Princess Diana has a place in my heart........................................................

I've saved magazines featuring her.............................

Both before and after the tragedy.

My bookshelves hold books about her

Here is a commemorative glass candle holder engraved in her honor. It holds some dried lavender and rose petals from my garden.

IN MY GARDEN........


Hosta “Diana Remembered”

Rose Princess of Wales

Thanks Princess Diana.



  1. A Lovely tribute to Diana. We lost her far too soon.

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  2. Fond, yet sad, memories of Princess Di - she was so lovely. Her style was amazing, her life ruined by the marriage to Charles. I think he did a terrible thing by making her his wife when it's so obvious now that he never truly loved her. It was just to gain an 'heir and a spare' as we Brits say! Her memory lives on though, even though she was not perfect either having been driven to find love elsewhere. Her death came far too soon - her boys, like all little kids, needed to have their Mum in their lives.

    Thanks for sharing your pics and words Mandie - and I'm sorry you were unable to have your sister to share in your life. I never had a sis either, just my dear brother.

    Enjoy this Fourth!
    Fondly - Mary.

  3. That is a lovely tribute to the Princess of Wales. Being British by birth I am a big fan of the royals, though some I favour more than others.

    You have a lovely blog.

    Gill from Canada

  4. What a lovely tribute. I really enjoyed your post. I was/am a big fan too. It is still hard to think that she has been gone as long as she has. She will always be timeless. I LOVED the rose picture too. Just beautiful! ~ xo ~ Joy

  5. Wonderful tribute. Beautiful blog. So happy I found it.


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