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27 July 2008

Celosia Sunday

Celosia is a flower that dries well. Where I live it is an annual so I pick a different variety to grow every year. This year is this lovely pink color. I wish I had bought more of them to grow and dry as I really like the variety I picked out this year!

I've had this little boot container since I was a little girl.

Mom probably knows where it came from.

The silver mint julep cup came from The Waldorf-Astoria, NYC, May 2007.

I'll let the celosia dry naturally in these containers

and it will be an

instant and long-lasting arrangement .

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  1. Hi Mandy, Such pretty Celosia and lovely containers too. I love the silver and white with the mauve.

    I am having my 100th Post giveaway on my Blog, if you would like to drop by to sign hope.

    Hope the summer is being good to you :)

    Karen at Ciderantiques


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