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16 August 2008

Harvest Time

I so love this time of year here in Indiana as all the fresh garden produce is in abundance. This morning some friends and I went to two Farmer's Markets and also a Herb Festival. Look at the gorgeous stuff I bought............................

Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, peppers,cucumbers and sunflowers. I think I 'll make a fruit salad with the berries and add some spearmint from my garden. My mouth is watering...................

There are many Amish communities in this part of the state and they have the nicest, cleanest gardens around and some of the best produce are grown by them. This Amish lady had fresh salsa for us to taste but she was already sold out of it for the day. I did get some of her beauteous sunflowers though.

The Herb Festival was in Wabash. It is held in a real nice little park and has turned into an annual event for us. Here is Carolee's booth. She was lucky and got to set up in one of the old log cabins in the park. I purchased her book 'Herbal Beginnings' and am anxious to read it but will wait and take it to the beach on our vacation in a few weeks.

I also bought a vintage book by Adelma Simmons from Caprilands in Connecticut. I had the privilege of meeting her and visiting Caprilands before she passed away. I also got some rosemary fruit square mix and mint chocolate tea cookie mix.


  1. Everything looks divine! Your photographs are wonderful as well. I wishe there was something of this caliber near me.

  2. Evertything looks perfectly delish! I have just planted new veg in my garden - Swiss chard, green beans, baby tomatoes and lots of herbs. I wish I could visit an Amish community to see their lovely quilts. Have a blessed Sunday. Love Eleanor

  3. I live in Wabash Indiana. We have things going on all the time. Either at Paradise Springs (where the Herb Fest was held) or the Honeywell Center. Hope you visit us again. You had a great weekend for the Herb Fest.

  4. Mandy, I just found your box in my stuff I am soo sorry! It's going out today

  5. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading through it - I too grow a few herbs and dry them. Adelma Simmons - I had the pleasure of visiting Caprilands about 20 years ago - I arrived very early and as my husband and I rounded the corner of her house, there she was giving a young fellow orders on clearing out a new spot for herbs. She looked up at me and said, "I hate grass, just hate it". As she was one of my herb gurus at the time I felt honored that she took the time to chat with me. ---- Just wanted to add my Caprilands story!!!!


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