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29 June 2008

Sunday Bouquet and Room Redo

This bouquet consists of pink yarrow, 2 varieties of feverfew, and a few sprigs of honeysuckle for fragrance as the other flowers here are non-fragrant. The fragrance is one of the joys of having fresh cut garden flowers in the house, I think.
I went right to work this morning knowing in just a few hours I would have the room redo finished. The upstairs of this old house (circa 1900) has only two rooms with no hall. The first room is now my B'Hive craft room and now the second room is a guest room. Now I have to break Hubby of his bad habit of tossing things in this room knowing he can shut the door to hide the mess as seen in this before photo..................................

I am pretty pleased with the outcome as most things I kept to use are vintage. See?

It is truly the same room! The walls are still the exact pink paint as when this was my Mother's room as a little girl. One of these days I will have the energy to paint it but not yet as it has been at least 6 months in the clean-up, moving stuff around stage. This will do for the time being. Around the edges of this old rug you can see the old linoleum floor. It is just in the center of the room and the wood floor had been painted just where the linoleum did not cover. The rug makes the room a little warmer so the floor will have a layered look.

One thing I really like are the lace curtains I have been holding onto for this room since purchasing on E-bay a year to two ago. As I was looking around the house for something to use as tie-backs I saw these snowflake ornaments and thought they would be perfect. As tie-backs they look decorative and vintage and nothing like a snowflake.


  1. Very sweet and simple.
    What a great room to be a house guest in.
    I love the walls being the same as when your Mother was little.
    I can just see a tray on the bed with fresh flowers or some of your lavender and a book.
    Your home is so charming!

  2. I agree about the tie-backs, they look great! What a pretty, welcoming room!

  3. the tie backs were an inspiration. The snowflakes suit the delicate fabric beautifully. Good work! Love Eleanor

  4. I ran across your post while searching for lace curtains. Wow what a make-over. You did great. And I love the idea of using the ornaments as tiebacks. So inventive.

  5. Looking awesome..! I like those pink flowers most.


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