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28 June 2008

Saturday Stuff

Since it was thunderstorming this morning I decided to tackle more of the upstairs cleaning/rearranging project. Got alot accomplished and hopefully will get it totally done tomorrow. It's amazing how much room there is after getting rid of all the stuff I was saving for last weekends yard sale. The sale went very well and I had just 2 small boxes left over to donate to Goodwill plus a nice deposit for my 'Destination Paris' fund.

So now that the yard sale is over and done with what did I do this week?...............................stopped by a few yard sales!
I got some sea glass (faux I'm sure) and put it in the bird baths on my front porch. The bird baths were given to me by my aunt who got them when her MIL cleaned out her garage. Don't they look cute stacked? I also got (at a yard sale this week) the terra cota hanging candle lantern that you see in the background.

Also on the porch is this old wooden stool that I painted a few summers ago. It's finally getting that cute, weathered, shabby look.The rain finally stopped and the sun came out and dried the rain off the herbs so I harvested some Spearmint and Greek Oregano. I LOVE mint cookies, mint tea--anything with mint.

With the Greek Oregano, I make my own Italian herb blend by mixing it with Italian flat leaf Parsley. Yummy in tomato sauces and sprinkled on pizza.

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