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05 June 2008

Blog LOVE and Roses and more......

Am I ever feeling some blog love from Inis over at A Lovely Thing. She has featured my BLOOM~N~Bottles in a post. WOW! There are even a couple comments from others that like them too. Besides that she has such a beauteous blog so you must click on over for a visit.

My 'Abraham Darby' rose has been full of buds and I've been checking daily for the blooms to pop. Yesterday it rained all day and I just knew I was missing the first show of the year. Today when I got home from work I ran outside with the camera so I could share the luscious flowers with you.

They are just breath-taking to me. I LOVE the English roses and this pale pink is my fav. The past couple of years the Japanese beetles had been so bad that they usually devour these roses before I can drown the nasties......not this year though (Yet, anyway!)Another flower I am enjoying at the moment are these 'Alium Gigantium's.' Looks Like I need to divide them later this year. I planted 2 bulbs about 3 or 4 years ago and they had multiplied.....much to my delight.

I get some strange looks when people see that I plant my lettuce seeds in designs. This year I've planted them in a X.

I'm also enjoying this wire planter filled with purple sweet alyssum and salvia. I've made use of broken dishes and terra cota flower pots to decorate the edges.

Gardening season is my favorite season of the year!


  1. Your roses are beautiful, and great use of repurposing china and broken clay pots, may just have to use that idea sometime :)
    I love how you planted your lettuce, makes it much more interesting than the straight lines most people plant them in.

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love your pale pink roses and all your vintage rhinestone jewels/bottles on Etsy! I am slowly collecting some vintage bling and designing some items with rhinestone embellishments, too! I'm having fun just gazing at all the sparkle! I love cats, too! We have so much in common. Have a great weekend.

  3. Just found you on Joanne's blog!
    I love herbs, cats and gardening too. Your roses are amazing. Ours aren't blooming in the City of Roses. It's Rose Festival weekend. I'm sure they have enough ready for the parade this weekend!
    Come visit when you get a chance on my blog!!

  4. You so deserve the blog love :) Your bottles are awesome.

    The broken plate planter is a brilliant idea. My grandmother used to ring her garden with broken dishes in an effort to keep the bunnies out. It didn't work ;)

  5. Your garden is lovely. I like the way you plant your lettuce in a design. It's cool! I blog hopped over here from Karen's blog at Cider Antiques.

  6. Love the lettuce X! Have you ever done your initials intertwined w/ your husband's?

  7. I love your page and I love your garden. You need to show me how to do this. I have so much land. A few flowers and would love to see how to do this. Love ya Mandy Lou, whoops, herbgirl.



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