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01 June 2008

Sunday Bouquet

This Sunday I cut some glorious peonies and Valerian for my kitchen table bouquet. The fragrance is so sweet! I so love the scent of peonies. I've been patiently waiting for them to bloom so I could bury my nose in them. Even though I like the white ones with the pale pink outer favorite color of peony is the bright pink. Have you ever smelled Valerian? It's sweet vanilla scent is another fav of mine.


How exciting to receive e-mails from 2 participants in The Cottage Charm Giveaway 2008 that I had won their drawing!!!! I've never been so lucky!

First I heard from Elizabeth over at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord . You must stop over and see how she came up with this catchy name. She has posted a pic of me there too and I must say she is making me feel like a celebrity! Here is what she is sending my way........

It's a Longaberger basket!!!!! I lOVE Longaberger baskets and have several so this is an awesome addition to my collection. THANKS Elizabeth!!!!!!

Then I heard from Janelle from Coasting Along that I won hers too. WOW! Janelle is sending such pretties too. Even flower seeds with Calendula in the flower mix. How awesome is that!! Also a vintage red and white plate to match my red toile kitchen, flavored tea and more goodies.

I'm definitely in for next year as this Cottage Charm Giveaway has been a blast....especially since I'm among the winners!!!!!!!


  1. YOur flowers are gorgeous!!!!

    Also, congratulations on winning two of the Cottage Charm Giveaways!!! They look like great prizes.


  2. Your package from me is going out tomorrow! (I've been a slacker this week!)

    I love peonies, but don't have a good spot to grow them here. The smell of them is an instant childhood time machine!

  3. Super to discover your charming blog! I am a calendula fan and have a nice patch at the moment at Thatchwick Cottage. Calendulas are a winter planting here in South Africa. Do visit me sometime. Warm wishes from Eleanor

  4. Hi Mandy,
    CONGRATULATIONS on winning the super giveaways!! A Longaberger basket is an absolutely wonderful prize!! I've been enjoying your beautiful flowers and especially your trip to the herb farm. Gosh, I would never make it out of there without buying them out!! Rows and rows of herbs and blooming blossoms...I can't think of anything better!
    Hugs, Bebe :)


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