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08 June 2008

Sunday Bouquet

This Sunday's bouquet consists of the gorgeous 'Abraham Darby' pink English roses and catmint. Catmint was one of the first herbs I planted in my yard. I hadn't yet learned about herbs and found myself buying it just for the name as I love cats. Catmint had become one of my favorite plants as it blooms all summer long.
I also harvested some lavender today. This variety is 'Hidcote.' I simply grab handfuls of the stems and cut. Then I make bunches and gather with rubberbands that I save from our newspaper deliveries. The stems are cut again so the end of the bundles are even. The bundles are hung to dry on nails I hammered into the back of the cornice above my kitchen sink. There are north facing windows above the sink so the drying herbs do not get any direct sunlight.

The kitchen smells heavenly and the little bundles dry very nicely there. I also save the buds from the stems that are to short for the bundles. Those buds go into a bowl to dry for culinary purposes. Have you ever tried lavender on vanilla ice cream? Or lavender shortbread? MMMMMMMMM Good!


  1. i didn't know you could cook with lavender! do you have any lavender recipes?

  2. My goodness - I bet that does smell heavenly. Lavender is one of my favorite scents. Not sure about eating it though. I've never had it in food. For some reason I think soap and linen spray ;)

  3. Mandy, I love lavender, and I HAVE tried it on ice cream, you're right, it's fabulous!
    I think you are in a similar planting zone as I, you're in IN and I'm in MA. Does your lavender last the winter on its own, or do you wrap it? Is lavender something I could start indoors w/ seeds and feel like a real gardener?


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