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31 May 2008

Cottage Charm Giveaway Winner is........

Karen at Cider Antiques!!!! Congrats to Karen as she is a winner and also had her own giveaway! Click here to see what I'm sending her. This has been so much fun to participate in. Can't wait to see what's up next in Blogland.


  1. Congratulations Karen! This was a fun giveaway. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  2. Hello Mandy ! Yeah :-). Thank you so much !!! I am thrilled to have won your giveaway! I will send an email with my address. Thank you so mcuh!!!

    Your Herb Farm photos are amazing !!!

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  3. Congratulations to Karen for winning the giveaway, and thank you to Mandy for her generosity!


  4. Wow, 2 Giveaways!!!!! Those are pretty good odds! What a blessing!

    And, congrats to Karen!!! Did she win 2 also? I was thinking I had seen her name on another blog...

    Thanks for your generosity!


  5. Congratulations to Karen!!! I'm the winner of Karen's cottage charm give away at Cider Antiques. I'm so excited. I'm glad Karen won she deserves it for being so generous!


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