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26 May 2008

Blog Bouquet Sunday

Every Sunday during gardening season I pick a bouquet for the kitchen table. I head out the back door with scissors in hand and never know what I will end up cutting. I have decided that I will share blog bouquets with you every Sunday so stay tuned to see what is in bloom in Calendula Court Gardens.

This week (and yes, I know it's Monday!) the Annabelle Hydrangeas are blooming and I love the puffy white mopheads. As a matter of fact, this is the third week in a row that they have filled the silver pitcher on the table.


  1. Oh those are beautiful. My hydrangeas are blooming like mad right now too. I've been busy cutting them for the inside as well.


  2. Super pretty flowers!! I wish I could have a garden at my apartment. Oh well, I will just have to enjoy your Sunday Bouquets all the more!


  3. Hi Mandy ~
    Loved seeing photos of your beautiful hydrangeas!! Have you been giving them secret doses of Epsom salts to get them looking so good? :)

    Been enjoying reading your posts about your country market finds. The bee pin was so cute and honeybees are trendy right now! I loved seeing your vintage cookbooks. I think that victory one was a find! I wanted so badly to go through that "free" pile with you!! I can't believe people throw stuff out like that. Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!
    Hugs, Bebe :)


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