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12 May 2008

Garden Thyme.................Finally

Garden thyme is finally here at Calendula Court. Actually, I've been using fresh chives and salad burnet for a few weeks and OMG..............what a difference fresh herbs make. I've planted basil seeds and am waiting for the temps to increase a little bit before I leave them uncovered by the cloche. Basil is very tender so I don't want them to get chilled. I've planted 'lettuce leaf Basil' and also 'Red Reuben Basil.' I love the big leaved Basil on sandwiches and the Red variety makes the prettiest herb vinegar you've ever seen.

I love it when the thyme blooms that I've planted between the bricks in the herb garden path. Where the paths cross there is this cherub surrounded by the pretty and fragrant Spring blooms.I've trained my lilac to be a tree instead of a bush. I can't get enough of the fragrance of lilac. I don't want to cut all the flowers off of my tree to enjoy inside so I've been sneaking over to a neighbor's humongous bush and helping myself.'s our little secret, OK?

The little bench and bee have found their spot for the Spring and Summer.



  1. I love your little cherub paver, it looks so pretty!

  2. Hi Mandy! I have had such fun reading your blog! I love your thyme (I am looking to do that along my walkway). Very pretty!

    ~ Karen at Ciderantiques


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