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09 March 2008

My Weekly Finds

This week I had time to stop by a couple of junk shops and here is what I found. A bag of galvanized jar lids, a couple pins, and an awesome bracelet that was bought for the Fleur-De-Lis on it. Those will get taken off and used in another project...maybe lavender sachets.Also picked up this sweet little bench that will go in the garden somewhere. Maybe by a lavender bush or by the pink roses. Won't it look adorable with a watering can sitting on it?Then I found a big bag of old lacy collars and crochet trims. I will use them on new curtains for the bedroom redo I am planning in a few weeks. Hubby is going fishing for a week so that leaves me free reign to paint away in the master bedroom. I am in the process of getting some chocolate brown houndstooth fabric for curtains and think I will sew some of the lace and crochet trim to them. I also got this old dress for the bottom trim to attach to the curtains.See the pretty trim?


  1. Oh gosh we have a lot in common Mandy! I used to work for Lenscrafters and I speak optical LOL :) Well I used to.
    Wanna see some of my whiskey bottles?

  2. Oops! Left my comment on the previous post instead of this one - make sure you read it as I've tagged you!

  3. Great finds. I love the bench especially.

  4. Well I am officially in-like with your blog now, and even bought a bottle from your etsy shop! We can thank Phyllis above (in your comments) for this! =)

  5. Hi Mandy,

    You found some lovely goodies on your adventure to the shops. I love the little garden stool you found ~ it will look so pretty in the rose garden!

    I know you are going to have fun working with the crochet and lace! The new April Country Living magazine had a little article about all the neat things you can do with lace and doilies, so you'll have to see that.

    Hugs, Bebe :)


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