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26 March 2008

Busy Relaxing

I've been busy relaxing! The kind of relaxing that happens when you get things done......things you've had on your mind for quite a awhile and finally happens....................I finally found someone to take an extra bed I've had upstairs! The bed had not been used for many years and I really really need some space to make a mess when I make things and am anxious to make the space mine all mine.

Anyway, I've been moving furniture around and it looked like this for awhile

I've acquired a lot of mirrors. Auctions are the best for finding great mirrors. I am using them when I redo the bedroom and the 'B' Hive (craft room).................then I can sell the ones I don't end up using.This room was the guest room and in the almost 15 years we have lived here, there has only been about 2 weeks worth of guests so I am taking over this under-used space and making it the 'B' Hive...........................a craft room............and it started today as I finally decided to get rid of that old guest bed.

Here are some pics of what used to be the guest room..............

Hubby has had this old black and glass case for Beeman's gum. I sat it on that Martha Washington cabinet I got at auction and viola...............................

I took this pic of the front of the case. I wish my close-up pics were always this clear.


  1. Mandy,
    I think it is so cute that you are calling your craft room the B'hive. That is so perfect for you!! What a great display case...I would love to find one of those. I'm so happy you are getting a room of your own!!!! Hey are you aware of the Finally Spring contest over at vintage goodness? I entered. It's fun. I have a link on my site if you haven't been there before.

  2. Hi! You have an awesome blog. I found your link at Capecod Cupboard. Congrats on your new craft room. Looking forward to seeing what you do to it. xoxo

  3. Hi Mandy :) Good for you turning your guest room into a more functional craft room. It would be a dream for me to have my own B'hive but alas i'll have to wait till the kids grow up and buzz off lol.

    Anna :)

    p.s did you see the GORGEOUS converted craft room featured in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine? It was in the rooms in bloom edition. It may give you some inspiration for your B'hive :)

  4. Lucky you to have all those mirrors! Can't wait to see what you do with your room!

  5. Nice mirrors..and that black cabinet I love! I think you have a very neat blog~ I love growing and harvesting herbs too! And My best friend has a son ~he is three he shares the same name as your adorable cat~(Gunnar) :)
    Happy Spring!


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