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02 March 2008

Plate Stand Dressed Up

I wanted to frou-frou up the plain looking plate stand and finally got it done. I found it at Goodwill and it was plain wood (manwood) so I decided to paint it white. Looked really bland plain white I thought so I looked through my craft supplies and came up with this.................................

I think it turned out pretty cute. Found some old sheet music with the title of 'That Sweet Old Garden' and also put some pressed pansies around it. The pansies have been waiting for a project for a couple years now so the colors have turned to antique looking hues which enhances this project I think.................looks really old.I am really disappointed in the close-up pics I have been taking so I am off the get the manual that came with my camera and hopefully will learn something. I have to be using the wrong setting so look for improved pics in the future.


  1. This does look so cute and has reminded me to do something with pansies I pressed several years ago!!

    Going back to the calendula post - thanks for the info. on using it for boo-boo's - that's good to know.

    What day in October is your B'day? Mine is the 26th - Scorpio!

  2. This is so cute and whata great idea! I see those wood plates all of the time! Thanks for visiting! I love that clip art site and have already used a ton of stuff off of it!
    Jen R


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