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07 March 2009

Back in Action.....

Just as my hectic work schedule is calming and I am feeling inspired to blog ole computer decided to get sick. Not a virus that I could remove but several viruses and also a part replacement was required. EEEEEECCCCKKKKK! So after finally getting a call from the computer fixer dude I'm finally back at it. Did not realize how much I depend on my computer and am so happy to finally have her back.
Here's another box I decorated and am getting hooked on this decoupage thing. I've always loved reading magazines and now end up tearing out many of the pages to have pics to decorate more boxes.
Also this week I found a couple treasures at Goodwill, which is about a block away from my new office location. That means weekly lunch break visits to treasure hunt. What fun!

I promise more frequent posting on my blog now as time should be more available for it. I envy those that blog almost daily...both the time and the inspiration involved.

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  1. Those are a couple of great treasures you found. I also treasure hunt during my lunchbreak.


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