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12 December 2010's not what you think

When it comes to blogging lately the motivation just has not been there so  
I've diagnosed myself  as having BM......... a Blog Mood. 
 I've had it before too so I know it's a real thing.
Some bloggers seem to know when they are going to get it as they kindly announce they are taking a blogging break.  Not me.....I just stop cold-turkey and leave new-found blogging friends out in the cold. 
I apologize for that.
  I can feel my mojo coming back; slowly and surely.
   I do love to visit y'all too and am slowly getting caught up with the 
1000's of posts Google Reader has been saving for me.


  1. Oh, that may be what I have! Didn't know it had a name other than "I don't have anything to share", "My life is so boring", or "I'm out of ideas". I like to read though, so I use a lot of time reading! ♥♫

  2. I've been there done that. Now.. when I feel like I am slacking I just put a message up that I will be back. Sometimes our lives are just to busy.
    glad to see you.
    Have a great week.

  3. I've got it too! Happy Holidays from Housepeepers!

  4. It is great to take a break, sometimes we just run out of things to write about or mojo as you said. At least your visiting, thanks for stopping by, so glad there is another minimalist out there!



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