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12 February 2011

Cropped Paris

Been playing around with photo editing programs and using the pics
 from my 2009 Paris trip. 
 See what ya think.................
Window shopping in the 7th Arrondisment
One of MANY beauteous Paris balconies

Looking through a Versailles window.....

In the gardens of Versailles

Window shopping in Avignon in Provence
The program I used for cropping these pics is
and it was way easy. 
What's your favorite picture editor
 for your blog?

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  1. Hey, they look great Mandy, love the cherub. One thing about France, every pic is amazing! Do you plan to return some day? I'm going home to the UK in May but won't get to France this year - too many places not enough time!

    I LOVE Photoscape but sadly cannot get to use it on my new MacBook and iMac (we changed over and I love them for the most part). What I do though is load my pics on my old Dell laptop (which is slowly dying) and edit them there in Photoscape, then move them to the Mac - a bit of a time consuming pain - but we do these things when we're perfectionists, don't we, ha! ha!

    On the Macs, I'm using Picnik some, but it's nowhere near as good as Photoscape ! I bought Photoshop Elements 7 a couple of years back but have never had the time, or patience, to learn how to use it -much too complicated for moi!

    Hope life is good dear and your Winter will soon be over. Springy here this week, 70's and sunny - worked in the garden yesterday. Fri. I'm off to San Francisco for several days with my best friend who lives there - hope to have some nice pics from the adventures she's planned for me!

    Hugs - Mary


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