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03 December 2008

Mary over at Across The Pond is the winner of my give-away!
You must go visit her and hear about her recent trip to France.

Her blog pictures are awesome too!

Way to go, Mary!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - I'm so thrilled Mandy!! Thank you so much - all these lovely gifts will be perfect in my home. I sleep in Rachel Ashwell's sheets every night and have two of her books but not this one.

    Your generosity is truly appreciated. I certainly hope that you too will get to spend some time in the South of France - it's a lovely area. I have a load more pics to share yet - just hope I'm not boring readers!!

    I'll e-mail you my address - wow, it will be like Christmas when the parcel arrives. Again, many thanks Mandy. I'll defintely post on my good luck and your kindness later!

    Hugs - Mary.

  2. Me again! Sent my address via your e-mail on your profile but it came back as undeliverable! Can you send me an e-mail please Mandy so I can reply as I don't want to put my address here!

    Again, I'm so excited at winning these lovely things, thanks.


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