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08 January 2009

Crowning New Year

Look what I found!

I am so excited I found this set of Canadian 'Crown' jars............right here in a little seasonal craft shop in my own county! Who would have thought.

A total of 8 jars in graduated sizes..........just perfect for all the dried herbs I have still in plastic bags from last summer's harvest.


  1. You lucky girl - they are fabulous with the old zinc lids. I have a couple of large ones (Ball), and a small Atlas one - I store old wooden thread spools and shredded sheets of music with sepia toned old photos in them - they make a lovely vintage display. I'm loving zinc right now after seeing much of it in France - the color is perfect with the blue-grey paints.

    Happy New Year Mandy - I'm loving my gifts so much.
    Hugs - Mary.

    P.S. I'm doing my 500th post giveaway right now (see yesterday's post for details) and hope you'll comment on THAT post and enter!

  2. What a lucky find....and a great place to store your dried herbs. Have a great 2009!


  3. These are fabulous!!! I have never seen this many together and have never seen even one in person!!!! They were meant for you to find and will be so perfect for your herbs!!! Enjoy!!

  4. Nice jars. I have been collecting these for many years and have over four dozen. Great find.

  5. What a great find! I have a few of the Ball jars with the zinc lids.



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