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11 November 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

I so love this time of year................. This is the first year my bittersweet vine has bloomed. You must have a male and a female plant growing close together to get the berries on the vine. The berries are covered with these golden pods that pop open to reveal the orange-red berry inside.

I've cut a bunch for decorating and wreath making.........about 6 wreaths already.......

That's why there is no picture of the bittersweet vine itself as it is pruned and ready for next
Happy Fall Y'ALL

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  1. Hi Mandy - how lovely to have your very own Bittersweet growing - looks so pretty mixed with shells.

    We're just about to lose our colorful Fall leaves - heavy rain, winds and leaves blowing everywhere today!

    We've piled our wood, pulled out the warm duvet and extra blanket, unearthed the sweaters and boots, we're ready for Winter now!

    Warm hugs - Mary


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