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31 January 2010

Auction Time of Year Again

A couple of Sunday's ago, I went to Emily's Auction Barn with hubby and some friends. Hadn't been there since about this time last year and as soon as I was surrounded by all those beauteous, mysterious antiques and uniques, I was thrilled! I'm always especially attracted to the linens, mirrors, silver, ephemera, jewelry, old books, lace, and china. There is usually old sheet music, old postcards, you see why it's so fun to go see all this stuff
from estates here in Indiana.

There are some awesome treasures packed away in these old attics around here.

Here is what I got ..............................

A metal tole tray that is huge! Here it is in a dining-room chair to show it's size.

I've never seen a tray like it before.

Also lace...................All kinds of all colors!Boxes and boxes of lace that I've sorted through. Some I am keeping and some I will be selling soon .....either Etsy or eBay.Even Eyelet by the yards.......................These vintage flower pics were in one of the boxes.......didn't even know it till I was sorting through it all. These 2 lace tablecloths were also a surprise to me.

Aren't they so pretty?

I love auction treasures!


  1. Love all the lace you found! I have been on the lookout for lace things lately. I like it in the summer when the windows are open, and lace curtains blow in the pretty!

  2. tell me Mandy, what have you made with all those pretty findings?

    Hope life is good - bet you are awaiting Spring and growth in the herb garden!

    Hugs - Mary

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