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13 January 2010

Pink Paris Roses

These flowers are from Rue Cler Fleurs in Paris.

The Rue Cler is an absolutely wonderful neighborhood to peruse......................(more on that in a later post)
The flowers were blooming in the brightest colors and displayed in the prettiest presentation I've ever seen.
I actually got goose pumps!

Here I am on the left with Liz, and we are speaking with a shop staffer.
I haven't yet seen the pink roses that are behind me in this picture.
Here I turn and spot them..................

And now..........MINE!They were also a really good deal compared to what the price would be here in the USA.

How pretty is our shopping bag for the day in Paris.
I knew I wouldn't be able to just toss the pink roses when we departed Paris for home so I hung them up to dry in the window of our apartment.
So pretty there in our window all the time...................Some of the pink starts to change and show tinges of yellow...................View from Rue de la'Universitie, our Paris address.............

When I packed for home, I sprayed the almost dry roses with hair spray and tucked them gently in my carry-on bag.Now I'll have my pink Paris roses for a long long time.


  1. WOW, What a great story and those roses are so gorgeous!!! Thank you SO much for linking this to French Obsession :)
    Gros bisous

  2. I love it that you brought those roses back with you! And I loved seeing that you were shopping on Rue Cler. For years we've stayed in an apartment on Rue Cler each visit. This year our trip was canceled because of a health issue that popped it right before our trip. So Rue Cler and the rest of Paris will be there for us next year. Thanks for taking me along with you today. Loved my visit!

  3. Ok, I am going to have to find Rue Cler on my Paris map! How neat that you stayed in an apartment on your visit to Paris, and even neater that you brought back roses! One of my favorite things to do in Paris is shop at the little markets and buy fruit, cheese, bread & wine and maybe stop at a Patisserie for a fancy dessert!, and take it all back to our room to enjoy!


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