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02 August 2010

Mission Complete

Finally found my dream bookcase...............actually pretty much stole it...... a most budget-minded price ever.............
Can you say $30?!?!?!?
 Hard to swallow, I know.
So my mission to find a vintage bookcase has ended.
 Had to share my find even though the door frames for it are still in the garage being held together by clamps as the wood glue dries.
Books are a passion of mine.
New Books~~~~~~Old Books
Especially gardening books, interior decorating books, oh and definitely cookbooks!
I only dream that my home had a library......with built-in bookshelves. 
 That's the only thing that would be better than my new-found treaasure.
Taking off the book jackets really looks so much better.
 Who knew that alot of books that hide under book jackets are in
shades of greens and blues.....perfect in my decor.
The doors will eventually encase chicken wire rather than glass....
so excited for that Frenchy touch.
 I even love the stubby little legs!
Don't ya just love BOOKS?
link ups...............Southen Hospitality Thrify Treasures Party

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  1. What a pretty bookcase! And such a great price! Love the cute little legs, and your Eiffel Tower clock, too!

  2. This is really a great bookcase! I love how it is divided~ so useful and decorative, too!

  3. This looks like a really good find , well done!


  4. I'm a bookaholic too - I was spoiled by one full wall of shelves in my room growing up. Now I have three shelves - a full size one and two smaller ones. Needless to say every 6 months or so I have to thin out books! And there is no room for "pretties" on the shelves - with the exception of the top of the tall one. I had never thought of taking the jackets off - it looks great!

  5. I have room for a twin! I have too many books just sitting around...upstairs and downstairs. Great bookcase! ♥♫

  6. Great find. I love all the curves and details on it.

  7. Not only do I love books, I LOVE that bookcase...what a!

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  9. how cool!!!! Yes~ I love books too.

  10. So sad when a mission ends...who am I kidding! That is awesome. Worth waiting for.
    I agree the books look better without their jackets, but I have been trained to keep them on. I even love the legs on your case.
    Please do share when you have the screened doors finished.

    Yes, I am a book addict.

  11. A great find and will certainly be a really nice addition to your room......until you get a library of your very own!! I'm with you on removing dust covers because I love the colors of the plain bindings. I save them though just in case I ever want to give the book away or even sell it! Can't keep them all - tastes change and space runs out!!

    Hope you're having a great Summer Mandy. Mine has been so busy and much too hot - I'm off again next week to hopefully a cooler area - northern California!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs - Mary

  12. Oh yes...books are great! Unfortunately they tend to take up lots of space! We are desperately trying to downsize our bookshelves before we are swallowed up by them.

    You got a STEAL on that gorgeous oak bookcase. Don't ya love great finds like that? :0

  13. only $30 for the bookcase, wow! Beautiful blog!

    Be the LIGHT

  14. I do so love books, and have always wanted a library since I was little!! Your bookshelf is so nice, and what a great find!

  15. Fabulous case to hold books and other treasures. Thanks for your visit to singing with birds, and congrats on your amazing $30 find!


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