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26 April 2011

Fragrant Blooms

 The fragrance from these hyacinths from the garden is so strong and lovely.  I put a glass flower frog in this silver bowl and filled it with blooms that sucked up what seemed like tons of water the first couple of days. 
 I was happy to trade the watering
 for the scent that filled my home.


  1. I love the fragrance of hyacinth. Your pictures are lovely too, I have some outside and should bring some of the wonderful scent in to enjoy.

  2. I love the smell of lilacs and lilies of the valley too.. Nothing says spring more the a fragrant bouquet.
    Have a great May

  3. They are beautiful, and I love the smell.

  4. Hoping to find you back posting - missing you!

    Happy Summer days dear - let us know what's happening in your life.
    Hugs - Mary


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