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22 April 2011

So HaPpY...

that spring has arrived and I'm finally getting all recuperated from having neck surgery.  Been home and off work for close to a month now and finally able to get up and about to do things around the house.
 I just received this present I got for myself (for having surgery and all)...
....I LOVE IT!
 It is also in honor of the royal wedding.
  It is from Etsy....another LOVE of mine.

Here are some old bottles I embellished with jute twine and vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces.   

I think they tuned out pretty pretty, don't you?

Reduce, reuse, recycle ALWAYS
  I really do want to get back to blogging more.  Thanks to my readers. 
 Please leave me comments.  I truly LOVE them!!!!!!!!


  1. Neck surgery sounds scary! Glad you got something for yourself and it is very cute. And your bottles are the best for the 3 R's! ♥♫

  2. Have been missing you - now I know what's been taking up your time. You poor dear, I hope so much your surgery was successful - that can't be a fun thing to go through. Be well gain very soon.

    Love the treat to yourself, and your bottles are so gorgeous! Burlap/jute and rhinestones, a fabulous mix for so many things these days.

    Hope you can stop by Mandy to see my garden pics - Spring blooms are so beautiful this year - just wish you were close by so I could bring you a bouquet of my roses!

    Warm hugs and Easter blessings dear.
    Hugs - Mary


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