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09 April 2008

The B' made up of things from around the house except for the $5 'door' table. It is the only purchased thing. Here is a bookcase that hubby had when I acquired him. I've moved it around and have always wanted to paint it's manwood. It is still manwood though and I am still married.

I love this vintage table! It belonged to my grandparents who lived in this house so I inherited the table and chairs with the house. The table has chippy white paint from being in the basement for many years and under the white paint is John Deere green, which my grandfather painted almost everything John Deere green or yellow.

I stuck Velcro on a folded vintage table cloth and stuck it to the side of the worktable to hide the stuff stored underneath

I got the brown chair cover at Goodwill for $3.99. I guess that is another purchase I made that I forgot about. Wow.....I spent $8.99!!!!!

I got the tray and dishes from Goodwill this week. I love going to Goodwill to see what is there. Always like the ultimate treasure hunt.


  1. Hi Mandy - Looks like you found some cool treasures! Thanks for stopping by my blog - and have a great week!

  2. What a happy room the B'hive has turned into. It looks great! And I L-O-V-E that tray!!

  3. Great finds! I love what you did with the table cloth.
    Jen R

  4. Wow, this is your studio/work room? How neat and clean and pretty. I love your finds, the Goodwill is on my list of things to do today. Love it. I just do not like the smell ;(

  5. Your 'beehive' is looking very cozy to work in! Love all your bits and pieces, especially that tray you just bought!

  6. Your B'hive is coming along nicely. You must get so much enjoyment out of this room now. I love your inherited vintage table.

    Anna :)


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