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16 April 2008

Changes Update

Now that the bedroom walls are painted, the armoire is painted, the wood floors scrubbed, and the furniture is time to make some curtains. I am enjoying working with this brown houndstooth linen fabric. The curtains are hemmed and ready for embellishment. Went through my stash of lace and crocheted things and played around with arrangements on the curtains. Also here is that old dress I picked up for $5 so I could cut off the lace for these curtains.

Gunnar !!!!!!!!! You're busted, buddy!!!!!!!!

The armoire is painted black and I am looking for some glass knobs. I have found plastic that looks like glass and am still looking for glass. Please disregard the awful gold knobs that I had to put back on so the doors are functional.Remember the brown bedskirt I found at Goodwill for $6.99? Fits perfectly......................


  1. What a great way to re-use that lace. I'll have to keep my eye out for things like that.

    Love the armoire too. I have an old black armoire that I was ready to get rid of but I think later this summer I'll try to paint it instead.

    If it doesn't turn out well-then I'll get rid of it-lol.

  2. What a hoot your cat is! My cat does the same thing... whenever I lay out a project on the bed, she jumps up thinking I'm making a nest for her! lol LOVE all those laces against the black fabric!

  3. What a great idea to mix hounsstooth with antique lace - going to be fabulous Mandie!


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