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13 April 2008


More changes are happening at Calendula Court. It's the master bedroom this time. It's a very small room right off the kitchen in this old house. The wallpaper has always been a favorite pattern of mine and it is what my Grandparents had put up who knows when. Anyway, it is time for a change.

Rather than remove the wallpaper, I just primed over it and painted the walls and the ceiling 'linen.' I am making curtains and a duvet cover out of the brown houndstooth fabric shown here (click and scroll down a little) and finally the chandelier will get hung next week.

Also getting painted is an armoire. It was given to me (YEH) and I am painting it black. Just got started on it here with the primer that is gray.

Next I will glue some wooden wreaths to the doors and paint it all black.


  1. This will be a great armoire (are there any of this great useful furniture invention that aren't?)when you've worked your magic Mandy.

    As for the damask wallpaper, I hate to see it go - it's gorgeous - but know you'll enjoy a fresh change...........and years from now someone else will be scraping the paint, discover, and yell, "OMG, look at this fabulous vintage paper underneath"!!!!

  2. Sounds like you've got quite a big project there! That armoire will look great black. How exciting! Please join us for our "beautiful day" giveaway! Keep up the great work! :-) Suzy


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