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22 April 2009

Any Paris info? Please do share

All I can think about it seems is my trip to Paris this July. Have I mentioned it is a dream come true for me? Oui.....I know...a thousand times already!
Here are a couple books I've been using to get info.
If you have ever been there and have any ideas or info please do share them with me!

I've received a few gifts from coworkers recently and I'm sure they are thinking if they just give me a little something for my trip I will shut up already!
First sweet Megan thought of me when she spotted these Fleur-de-lis so she picked them up for me. I hung them on the bedroom armoire and now the gold knobs I wanted to replace don't look so bad.

Then Rita found this luggage tag that says Paris, France, and New York so I found it on my desk one morning.

She knows that I also love New York City and the times I've traveled there that is all I could talk about then!

Please let me know if there is some place in Paris that we must see or any info I can not get from a book!

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