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12 April 2009

I had a lot of dried herb and flower bundles that I hadn't done anything with so I decided to frou-frou up this left-over Christmas wreath. The wreath was made with pine and boxwood and had been hanging in the 'manwood' room since the holidays.I used lavender, marjoram, and a few hydrangea blooms...all dried from last years garden. I didn't realize the wreath was actually a teardrop shape until I hung it in the kitchen.
Oh well, it had dried into this shape and things from nature are perfect in their own way, right?

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  1. Mandy ~ great herb wreaths. you do a terrific job ~ can't wait to come back by when i can stay a bit longer.
    you name is in the hag hat for that giveaway.
    ~one vintage hag


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