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16 August 2009

More Paris Pretties

Here are some random pics I took in Paris.
Enjoy the eye candy..............................

Wasn't that sweet?


  1. Great images - beautiful Paris with so much to capture on one's camera at every turn! Everyone should see Paris shouldn't they?

    Where will you travel next time Mandy? My list now includes Prague, Budapest, Croatia, Scandinavia, Holland, New Zealand....and a few dozen more places!!! I'd better get a move one while I still can, ha! ha!

    Hope life is good dear. I'm anxious for Fall now, had enough
    Summer heat for one year!

  2. You certainly got alot of good photos, it looks devine! I love the fields of lavender and sunflowers!
    Did you happent to buy any of that lovely vintage stuff? Im curious to know their prices...thanks for sharing,

  3. Love your photos especially the cork window.

  4. LUV IT... LUV IT..Life is GOOD. not always easy, but good...Lovely to have an appreciation of what really matters.

  5. Wonderful pictures - thank you for sharing!


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