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04 August 2009

Paris Flea Markets.........SWEET

I knew the Paris Flea Markets would be sweet...........................

Just didn't realize how totally sweet!

As soon as I started to focus my camera on this beautiful shop with ivy, this lady came out and stood for the picture.

Can you believe all this?!?!

My dream job would be a decorator that shops the Paris fleas to find the perfect treasures to display and use.

The first market we went to was Clignancourt, which is on the north side of Paris. Luckily the subway got us there just fine. getting lost on this day!

There is all kinds of stuff there and thank goodness it didn't take us long to find the vintage/antique stuff. OMG..........this is such amazing stuff

........the most amazing stuff you've ever seen!
The other flea market we went to was Porte de Vanves. I highly recommend this one too. Very friendly vendors and lots of nice items.

The Marche aux Puces is a definite on any Paris itinerary.


  1. It takes your breathe away doesn't it Mandy so see so much amazing 'stuff' at the French markets? Did you buy much? Hope you had an extra bag to stuff full of small treasures.....and you will show us later!

    So happy your trip went well - I knew you'd have fun.

    Right now I'm in Boise, Idaho - will return to NC on Thurs. Long trip out West but have had a good time.

  2.'re killing me here. SO wonderful, isn't it?? It looks like you had the time of your life.:) Thanks so much for visiting me today! I have added your name to my give away.

    xoxo Lidy

  3. Went crazy looking at the photos - especially all the keys.

  4. Hi Mandy....thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! As soon as I saw your Paris Flea photos I had to scroll down, as I try and get over at least once a year to shop and window shop. LOVE....but so expensive!


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