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02 August 2009

French Lavender

We loved taking the TGV (fast train) from Paris to Avignon for a day excursion to see the lavender fields in Provence.

The sunflower fields were still in bloom also so that was an added bonus.
As soon as the door to our tour van opened we could smell the lovely fresh Lavender...............We could hear the bees buzzing too.......................such happy bees I'm sure!A natural French quilt of lavender and green.
France has been experiencing the cooler temps this summer just as we have here in Indiana so that has extended their growing season a little. Lucky for us to see the sunflowers too!
This Lavender field has just been harvested the day before we arrived. They leave the bundles in the field to dry. Would have loved to see the harvesters in action.
The Lavender fields in France are a must see. I'm so happy to have experienced the sight and being surrounded by the frangrance of my favorite herb.
Next see the amazing Paris Flea Markets.


  1. What beautiful lavender fields and I love the pictures showing the whole fields. Of course, I LOVE sunflowers -- we have some of both in Linderhof's garden

  2. You were fortunate to see so much lavender. I've never seen it harvested either, interesting how the leave the bunches to dry.......wouldn't it have been wonderful to gather armfuls and bring them home!!!!!

    We loved the sunflower fields too.


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