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13 June 2010

Garden Shed Dreamin

Now that I've added the garden arch that I've longed for
for years to my garden the next thing I 'm dreaming about
is a garden/potting shed. 
Won't you dream along with me?

How could you ever pick a favorite amongst these beauties?
  I especially love the ones with all the old windows and
I think the last one is my very fav of all.
Which one is yours?


  1. Ok, I can't pick just one favorite, but my two favorites are #6 & #8 (the one with the pink bike in front of!). I have always dreamed of a potting shed. It would be kind of like having a fun little play house! :)

  2. I think I love them all.... I'll keep this for a friend of mine who wants to make something like that... but only next year. thank you to let us dream!


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