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23 June 2010

Shipshewana Flea Market

Shipshewana Flea Market
is in northern Indiana and exactly a two hour drive from home. 
The town has shops galore and the biggest flea market around. 
The flea is only open on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Pretties for the garden........
Pretty teapots.............

Every Wednesday auctions are held in Shipshewana.
I LOVED perusing the auction barn and spotted this pink and black fireplace mantle.
 There were all kinds of treasures.........crocks, old iron bed frames, antique mirrors.................
True Hoosier cabinets from the Hoosier state.............
 Lots of vintage goodies, I'm sayin!!!!!!
Great haul in the back of this truck.....too bad it's doesn't belong to moi!!!!  I mean Lion's and ornate metal garden decor and the die for!
I can never get enough of vintage linens.

Another way of life is also evident in different parts of Indiana.  We have parishes of Amish people. 
Lots of Amish reside in the Shipshewana area and shop and work there.
I was respectful of their rule to not have their faces photographed.
The roads have an extra wide shoulder for the horse and buggies to share with vehicles.

 Here's a few things I picked up there...........some vintage silverware, old bottles, and a slate garden ornament.Too late for pics of the fresh strawberries, sweet cherries,  and asparagus.
They were quite delicious!
 Be Gentle with the Earth....
.....a belief I'm sure I share with the Amish


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! I haven't been to Shipshewana in quite a few years, but my mom & I used to like going there. It really feels like you are stepping back in time. Got a kick out of your photos of the Amish women wearing flip flops! :) And I just love all of the great wire garden stuff in your first picture! I would've gone crazy there!

  2. Hi Mandy... Oh I love flea markets. They are few and far between here, Yours looked great! Love that rusty old bike, and the boxes of linens would have me enchanted for hours:-)

  3. What a great place! It has some really terrific looking things. All the rusty old metal stuff caught my eye!

  4. I have never been to an auction, I guess they intimidate me, but boy would I like to buy a box of vintage linen!


  5. Oh my my my my my!!!

    I wish I lived closer!! That sounds like an awesome place to go and I admire the Amish and their crafts.

  6. Looks like fun! I visited an Amish community in Illinois a few years ago. Love their simple way of life! Wish we had garage sales like that!

  7. Sure wish I could have gone to the Flea Market with you. We don't have nice flea markets in GA like they seem to have in the north. I guess it's because Sherman burned down so much of the south!!! Our flea markets tend to be new junk...yuck. Thanks so much for being a follower on my blog. Please come back to visit sometimes. Cheri's Chatter


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