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07 June 2010

Busy Bee......

...........that's me!  And what a good busy it's been.  My Etsy shop sales have increased so I've been spending time in The B' Hive turning this...........

Into these........
Just need to finish up some tags and drop in some seeds and get listed on Etsy.
Then this past weekend I got this................

Wrought Iron Garden Arch. 
I've been dreaming about getting one of these for several years and
finally found this lovely arch with scrolls and  the best detail of all is the tippy, tippy top.
A Fleur de lis!
I've transplanted my lusciously fragrant honeysuckle to climb and eventually cover my arch.  
Can't wait to sit in the garden and soak up it's scent!


  1. I have 3 arches in my garden but none so pretty as yours . I,m going to dot some herbs among my plants, your garden is lovely . I have a wonderful Lavendar hedge, 3 years old , I clip it in the autumn .
    Those bottles ,I love them . cottonreel

  2. Hi Mandy
    Your arch is just stunning! And congrats on your etsy sales! Mine have been picking up, too! So it's hard to find a balance of blogging, crafting, gardening; well, there just aren't enough hours in the day!! :)

  3. Hi Again Mandy, I just checked out your "B-Hive", and it's so cute! I really like how you use the tiered plate stand for holing your goodies. I may have to borrow your idea! I would need to get my creating area neatened up before I ever posted it on my blog :)

  4. Hi Mandy-
    I love that arch.
    I am in the market for one as well.
    They add so much , and I would love to have one covered in climbing roses.

    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  5. Hi Mandy it,s cottonreel back for another look around . Today I went to buy new floor covering for my kitchen . They will be fitting it tomorrow , the furniture has had to be taken out . My friend bluebell said the dresser should not go back in, Where will I put my vintage and collectables? I cannot live without them . Little does she know my next plan!!!!!


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