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30 May 2010

And the Winner is...............

Thanks to each and every one of you that entered The 4th Annual Cottage Giveaway Event hosted by The Twice Remembered Cottage.  I've met some amazing bloggers thru this event.  One of the reasons I love blogworld so much is meeting all you people that 'get me' and understand our mutual passions.
 Hugs to all my sweet new followers too!!


  1. Hi Mandy,
    Congrats to the winner! I want to host a giveaway some time this summer too; it sounds like alot of fun. I am always so slow to catch on to things !:) Wow! I am so excited for you that you got to go to the lavender fields! I have always heard of Avignon and it sounds so neat. I brought home 2 big bags of dried lavender (from Provence) from our trip to Paris, and wish I had brought home a suitcase full!!

    I already painted the doorstop heirloom white, and it looks soooo much better!

    Have a great Memorial day!

  2. Good morning Mandy!
    I am new to your blog - I was just kind of strolling down Bloggers Lane and there you were! Very fun!
    Yes Blogging is the best. I think it's ironic that I've met you at this particular time. Hop over to my blog and see what I have going on! Tell me what you think!
    I'll be back! Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  3. Love the canning jars... I use them alot in decorating! My Momma has quite a collection I can borrow. I am going to follow you, cause looks like we both have great taste! lol, Lezlee


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