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29 May 2010

B & C

B is for Ball jars........I came across this bag of 20 Ball jars at a yard sale and only wanted one very old jam/jelly jar. 
 The seller gave me an awesome deal for the whole bountiful batch though so I bought the whole thing!
 Now, as you know, I already have shelves full of old Ball jars in my basement.  Don't have any idea what I will do with these.  I do love them though....various sizes, they all have zinc lids, and mostly the blue colored jars so to the basement they will go.
Now for that awesome old jam jar........
Can you see the imprint on the bottom of the jar?
It is in the inside of the jar...........
It's a crown and an angel!!!! 
 I can't wait to make some jelly and invert it on a pretty serving saucer and see that imprint in it.
C is for chair......CHEAP!
I got this at a yard sale for one dollar. 
 It is acutally quite sturdy and would have been cute painted and put in the house.
 Hubby cut out the seat for me though so I could make a garden chair.

I pulled this old chicken wire out of the garage to line the seat then realized I did not have enough sheet moss on hand to make a liner for the soil. 

I stuck in some shards from broken clay pots for drainage, filled with soil, and ran to a local nursery for some plants.
I didn't like the wood seat peaking out from around the pot so I pulled out some dried moss I had.
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  1. I really love your chair turned planter! What a great bargain! And your blue glass jars & jelly jar are great, too! I have a bunch of the blue glass jars & lids (though not as many as you!), and I put them to good use storing nuts, dog treats, etc. I just noticed the great pictures on your sidebar of Versailles and the lavender fields. Did you go to Provence? I would loooove to go there!!

  2. Love the ball jar and the chair is darling, I like the moss out and around too, it is reallu cute!!


  3. Sweet!~ Love that chair...I see some out there lately that do this with the plants and I love it. Great jars too, I do not see them much around. You scored!~ Have a great weekend, and thanks soooooo much for participating. Hope you enjoy some others as well, you will meet some nice new gals out there:) Debbie

  4. Wow, great score on the jars. I have never seen one with the crown on it like that. I thought it was a bee! I too picked up a chair to make into a planter. I need to work on it this weekend.

  5. Great deal on the jars! Don't leave them in the basement too long and forget about them! Love the chair planter.

  6. What a special jar! I would have taken them all just to have tht one . . . and I love your chair!

  7. Love the jar and the chair planter. Cute Cute!!

  8. Great deal on the blue jars! I love those too & that chair turned out cute.

  9. Love the chair!!! My dad made me a chair and it to me for my birthday! I need to share it one day! :)

  10. What a lovely garden chair - this is something I've always wanted to do, but never have.
    Your garden is so pretty - we're having a very cold spring and there are very few flowers around yet.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.


  11. Hi, visiting you from Debbie's linky. Wow, love your interpretation of the chair. That is clever and really sweet. And what a steal on the ball jars. Those are gorgeous!


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